ADC Guarantee

ADC Guarantee

Asset Defense Consulting

ADC will adhere to a strict code of ethics with respect to
the performance of our work with clients.

The following principles make up the ADC Guarantee:


ADC will view and handle as confidential all information concerning the affairs our clients.


ADC will not take personal, financial, or any other advantage of inside information gained by virtue of design or consulting relationship.


ADC will inform clients and prospective clients of any special relationship or circumstances that could be considered a conflict of interest.


ADC will never charge more than a reasonable fee and will always agree with the client in advance on the fee and deliverables.


ADC will neither accept nor pay fees or commissions for referrals or product recommendations.


ADC will not accept fees, commissions or other valuable considerations from any individual or organization whose equipment, supplies or services they might or do recommend in the course of providing professional consulting services.


ADC will only accept assignments for and render expert opinions on matters for which they are eminently qualified.

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