Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a security assessment?

In today’s climate, almost all businesses and institutions could face security threats to their most valued assets; their customers, employees, physical assets (buildings, offices, grounds, transportation/distribution process, intellectual property and information systems). If you are serious about protecting these invaluable assets, ADC’s Security Risk Assessment can deliver to you calculated risk exposure your Company/Institution may face, including type of security threats and potential sources based on our proprietary data bases on your industry/institutional profile and comprehensive historical data. The bottom line, the ADC Risk Assessment will provide you with the critical knowledge of what your risk may be along with a comprehensive remediation strategy to mitigate those risks before a threat or attack occurs.

What makes ADC different than most of the security companies out there?

First, we are a values-based organization comprised of ex-military personnel
highly trained in risk assessment and mitigation options.

Second, our mission is to provide our clients a comprehensive risk assessment
with no agenda other than to deliver an honest, unbiased assessment. Our Code
of Conduct states we are not attached to any security products company trying to sell you their products.

Lastly, our focus is on the under-served smaller companies and institutions where we provide a high-quality service at a fair price.

What is the current ADC Cyber Awareness Initiative?

Our current ADC Cyber Awareness initiative is incorporated in our comprehensive Physical Security Risk Assessment. The focus is to assess the effectiveness of the training level of the client’s personnel in cyber risk awareness. Included is the physical security of the client’s computers and software, procedures for limiting access to computer equipment to authorized users, prevention of computer fraud, waste or abuse and the protection of computer files from infection by malicious logic. Should ADC detect a high level of vulnerability, we can recommend a comprehensive mitigation program in cyber-security.

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