Our Culture

Driven to Watch the Backs of Our Clients, Employees & Our Stakeholders –
“We’ve Got Your 6”

The Mission

Leverage the expertise of former United States military personnel to provide security systems for business, in the form of comprehensive threat assessments, that:

1) abate threats to a client’s critical assets;

2) maintain public safety and security and

3) maintain business protection and continuity.

Provide the opportunity for these former United States military personnel to successfully transition to civilian life and utilize their gained skills to continue to protect the security of the United States.

Create a cohesive and effective working environment by challenging and learning from each other, in order to continually provide greater business protection service.

Asset Defense Consulting

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The Vision

By employing experienced, committed, expertly trained and certified former United States military personnel, be the preeminent provider of threat assessments and other related services, that greatly enhances the security systems for business of physical and cyber assets, both domestically and worldwide.

Our Values

ADC functions as a unit with a collection of core values shared throughout our team.  Whether through internal processes, customer engagements or vendor communications we promise to reflect these qualities.

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business protection

We've Got Your Six

Driven to Watch the Backs of Our Clients, Employees & Our Stakeholders.


Love and respect for our country & a passion to protect the security of its citizens & assets


Our performance is directly related to our team-based approach where we celebrate winning and out-performing our competitors’ security systems for business


Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers in all that we do. ADC is focused on continuous improvement and adaptability with our team & key processes in serving our customers

Candor with

We encourage both positive and negative feedback from our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We always challenge the status quo with both integrity and respect for the individual.

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