ADC will provide Security Remediation Solutions that include proven, state-of-the-art techniques for remediating the security issues identified in the Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment.

Security Remediation

An effective Security Remediation Solution is critical for any business and provides business leaders with the latest tools and techniques to remediate identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities; assure compliance with regulatory requirements; and lower overall risk exposure. Additionally, ADC will construct a formal Risk Register specific to your organization and facilities that allows for central risk mitigation of vulnerability issues, as well as their alignment to the corrective actions to reduce or remediate these risks.

Risk Mitigation

Each remediation solution will be specifically designed for your company and will utilize multiple ADC Approved Vendors. By utilizing the list of ADC Approved Vendors, the client is afforded flexibility in its final choice of risk mitigation.

ADC Approved Vendors

The Security Remediation Solution also identifies ADC approved vendors who can supply the necessary equipment and techniques to address each of the security issues identified. With our consultation, clients may select one of our approved vendors for risk mitigation of the identified issue.

The ADC approved vendor listing has been developed based on years of experience dealing with multiple vendors in all categories in the security industry. Based on this experience ADC is confident that it will be able to effectively integrate the client’s choice of vendor into the developed remediation solution. ADC will not be beholden to any specific vendor.

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